Table No. 01


These are a few shots from the build of our custom dining table that Toni and I decided to make after being dissatisfied with several aspects of the offerings we found locally.

The top is a heavy-duty worktop similar to a butcher block, and the legs are flat iron segments welded by hand in a trapezoidal shape. Toni sourced the legs, I sourced the top. We assembled them and I stripped the factory-applied finish with a random-orbit sander. The edges and corners were sanded to a pleasingly smooth finish and I stained it to a warm brown. We chose a set of 4 woven wire chairs to compliment it – one is barely visible in the second shot.

We hope to have this for many years, and to have many family dinners around it.

Premote: The Anomaly

For this piece I worked with Daniel Tamman at Premote to complete a video wall installation at Bell Labs. My role was to create the concepts for what an anomaly could be, animating the concepts in Cinema 4D and After Effects, providing the composited scenes to Danny for his edit.