Please note: These recommendations were originally posted on my LinkedIn profile and have been posted here verbatim. Titles and/or positions held by the authors may not be current though reasonable effort is made to keep them up to date.

David Gioiella   Creative Director/Partner/Editor at Northern Lights

“Chris is a pleasure to work with, he always brings fresh ideas to the creative process. He works with the Mr. Wonderful team to solve design and logistics problems. And is also a multi-talented 2D and 3D artist. He was a key team member on projects we produced for NBC Sports Network, CBS Sports, Sony, Charter and others. We look forward to continued collaboration in the future.”

Matt Schoen   Executive Design Director at VICE Media, Inc.

“Chris is very professional with the work he does, and is always game to tackle a project with an excellent attitude. Even if it takes working till 6am to make sure it’s right, Chris has been there to see it through.”

Paul Waszak   Freelance Creative Professional

“I had the pleasure of working with Chris at Mr. Wonderful for a few months, and heartily give him my recommendation. Chris was very easy to work with, and showed a high-level of design skills as well as technical.”

Andrew C. Ortiz   Freelance CG Artist | VFX | MoGraph | Design

“Christopher Jeffries is a diligent and agile motion graphics artist, committed to helping find the best solutions and producing the best looking work.”

Rimma Dreyband   Freelance Producer, Northern Lights & Mr. Wonderful

“Working with Chris is a treat – he not only possesses immense artistic capabilities, he’s also highly technical and one of the sharpest, most on the ball animators I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is extremely organized and thorough, which, on top of his creativity and animation skills makes for a rare and valuable find. Not to mention, his great attitude is infectious! I very much look forward to working with Chris again.”

Adam Mignanelli   Design Manager, VICE / Virtue Worldwide

“Chris has and continues to be our go-to motion graphics source. His willingness to see projects through to its utmost perfection at any hour makes him an invaluable resource to building out any motion graphics project. Chris’ cheerful personality and top-tier professionalism makes him a pleasure to work with.”

Eric Merola   Director, “Burzynski, the Movie”

“I have worked with Chris Jeffries on multiple projects over the past couple of years. I must say there are few people who are as well-versed in After Effects and the like than Mr. Jeffries. Chris is also one of the most dedicated designers I have ever worked with. I always said if I ever had any openings on any future prospective projects, he’d be one of my first to call.”

Beth Helmer   Executive Producer, R!OT Atlanta

“I really enjoyed working with Chris and recommend him highly. He is passionate about his creative, always pushing to bring something more to the work. He also communicates well and works with timeline and budget in mind – not always easy for creative minds to do. What can I say – we trained him well! Chris is going to continue to do amazing work and I look forward to following his journey.”

Chad Bonanno   Freelance Designer, Animator, Director

“I first met Chris in 2001 when he was my lab instructor at Full Sail. I was extremely impressed with his knowledge of After Effects and Photoshop, along with his knowledge of 3D integration with the two programs. I later worked with Chris at Riot Atlanta in 2005, as well as a few side projects with my clients. Chris is a very hard worker. He is always figuring out new and innovating ways of pulling off effects and looks, and that save me countless hours on a tight crunch. His work ethic is top notch and his design skills are killer as well. I am happy to have worked and learned from Chris for so many years.”

Rick Dascher   Executive Director, The Sponsor Shop, Turner Entertainment Networks

“Midnight. After working a 14 hour shift editing spots for TNT, I go to make my way out the door. Finally. But as I leave, the faint sound of music wafts out from a suite at the end of the hall. I wander in to find Chris hard at work on a grfx open for a TBS original show. Let me correct myself—he wasn’t just hard at work; he was LOST in his work, completely absorbed in the minutia of the grfx he was executing. (Did I mention it was midnight?) Such is the attention Chris pays to his design. Such is the fervor Chris brings to his execution. Such is the passion Chris brings to every job he puts his mind to. Now that I am a producer again, I sure don’t miss editing into the wee hours of the morning. But I do miss working with Chris.”

Ashby Wratchford   Senior Editor & Flame Artist, The Martin Agency

“How to be brief about Chris? In short, he is someone to watch out for in the future. His graphics design skills coupled with his methodical dedication to the project at hand is a sight to see. Riding shotgun to him, passing files back and forth (with great naming convention) is an honor. Give him direction or ask for a few conceptual designs and you will be blown away by what you get back.”

Sean Polinski   Senior Editor, Riot Atlanta

“Chris is a talented designer with fresh ideas, a great work ethic, and always a pleasure to work with.”

Gavin Holmes   Freelance 3D, Motion, & VFX Artist

“Chris is a dedicated motion graphics artist who is serious about delivering excellent results. He works well by himself, and delivers a unique insight and approach to the projects which are given to him.”

Scott R. Hauser   Senior Smoke Artist / VFX Supervisor, Flying Colors Media

“Chris is one of the best artists and designers that I have ever worked with. He is extremely dedicated and has a tremendous eye. He is amazing working with little supervision and often gives ways to increase efficiency and make aesthetic improvements. I thoroughly recommend working with Chris on the largest of projects and look forward to collaborating with him again.”

Scott Waters   Traffic Coordinator, Riot Atlanta

“Christopher was a self-motivated and determined worker. His skills were finely tuned and he was constantly improving. Chris will make sure the job is done and done right.”

Patrick Clarici   Production Assistant, Riot Atlanta

“Chris Jeffries executes his work with precision and accuracy. Most importantly, especially in the creative world, he is open to creative criticism and new ideas.”