Project Aurora: First Look

These photos were taken over several days in March 2021 at our home in Los Angeles, California. Our model is our wonderful daughter, Aurora, and Toni, among her many other contributions, assisted during the shoots. We worked between feedings, naps, and the other regular parental duties, learning all the while.

In these images Aurora is only a few days old, learning quickly, and needing all the love we can give her. She’s been an absolute delight.

If you’d like copies please send me a note. Please don’t take these images, or make copies, for any use without permission. Also please do not upload to any social media platforms. Thank you in advance for respecting our wishes.

Red Rebel Brigade

Red Rebel Brigade symbolizes the common blood we share with all species,
That unifies us and makes us one.
As such we move as one, act as one and more importantly feel as one.
We are unity and we empathize with our surroundings, we are forgiving
We are sympathetic and humble, compassionate and understanding,
We divert, distract, delight and inspire the people who watch us,
We illuminate the magic realm beneath the surface of all things and we invite people to enter in, we make a bubble and calm the storm, we are peace in the midst of war.
We are who the people have forgotten to be!

~ Red Rebel Brigade

It was my pleasure to create these images for our XRLA chapter. We chose the site of a recent wildfire just north of Los Angeles in order to highlight the effects of climate change–which we’re already experiencing.

Please consider joining your local XR chapter, or form your own, in order to create the change we need to mitigate the worst effects to come.

Darkroom Sessions Vol. 01

A few quick snaps of prints I’ve made at The School of Light recently.

Thanks to Miks Ozolins for being kind enough to pose for me, to Andrew Hall for the guidance in the darkroom, and to Toni Marie Jeffries for making it possible!