Professional Summary


To work with an outstanding and creative team in the development/design/animation of graphics and visual effects.


  • Collaborative projects incorporating several artists and software packages;
  • Motion graphics in 2.5/3D environments for any and multiple screens/outputs;
  • Management of production for teams of 2d/3d artists;
  • Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, and Photoshop; Maxon Cinema 4D.

Areas of Experience

Broadcast design and animation, outdoor & indoor video signage, presentation design, environment design, branding and identity design & animation, video post production (finishing) and final delivery with a background in electronics and print production work.

Work History Summary

  • Recent projects include CBS 2012 UpFront & Image Reel, USA 2012 UpFront, NBC Sports Fight Night, Nickelodeon “Asked/Said” and contributions to several pitches.
  • Extended travel (Pacific rim) undertaken from November 2010 to July 2011; more than 15,000 images shot for development of photography portfolio.
  • Primary clients for 2009-2012 include:
    • Mister Wonderful (
    • Northern Lights (
    • VICE (,,,, AdVice/Virtue)
    • Blunt Creative (
  • Approximately 10 years in the post-production and motion graphics industry;
  • Previous full-time/staff employment with R!OT in Atlanta, GA and Spontaneous in New York, NY;
  • Freelance for approximately 2 years – please see client list (above) and recommendations;
  • Associate of Science in Digital Media at Full Sail University as of August 2001;
  • Awarded Course Directors Award for Interactive Media Design at Full Sail University;
  • Continued as Lab Specialist for Computer Graphics at Full Sail after completion of degree program.

Additional Skills & Qualifications

  • General PC/Windows-compatible hardware proficiency, including custom system/workstation builds for general purpose/animation/production/HTPC usage;
  • Apple workstations for animation/production;
  • Pro-sumer level photography equipment, primarily Canon DSLR bodies, lenses & raw post-processing;
  • Strong understanding of photography fundamentals;
  • Broad additional general A/V knowledge & understanding;
  • Proficient in many other supplemental plug-ins, additional software and both Mac / Windows / Unix / Linux working environments;
  • Above-average understanding of color management and accuracy for multiple outputs.